Wedding in Italy – the budget

Wedding in Italy – the budget

Italy is surely one the best wedding destination in the world and if you have been just one time, you can easily understand the reasons why this is one of the top choices.

History, good food, traditions, different panoramas are only few reasons that make Italy the perfect wedding destination. I am sure you already know that so I will respond to the important questions I usually receive.

What is the average cost of a italian destination wedding?

Well, this depends of course on the destination and number of guests, typology of the ceremony, kind of setting and season. From my experience I can confirm that Como lake, Amalfi coast, artistic cities such Venice or Rome are the most expensive. Of course all depends on what you are really looking for as we have contact for any kind of needs.

If I have to give you an estimate, I would consider Tuscany as this is one of the most requested wedding destination in Italy, especially for a good correlation between quality and price.With a group of 50 people, the average price is around Euro 10.000 – 12.000 including:

  • Space for the ceremony
  • catering with a wedding menu of 4 courses and wedding cake
  • basic flowers arrangement
  • photo service
  • Dj for the after dinner party

Here you have some examples of venues in this range of costs:

Magical hamlet in the hearth of Tuscany

Get married in a famous Tuscany countryside

Country chic wedding location

This is of course taking in consideration Tuscany as wedding destination in italy. Changing setting and looking for a wedding destination in italy on the beach, the average costs based on the same number of guests and including the same services is around Euro 13.000 – 15.000.

Here you have some options with this average costs:

Your wedding beach in Italy

Romantic wedding ceremony in the beach

Of course the cost varies according to number of guests and your preferences in terms of style and setup. I understand that it difficult to plan a wedding, especially if you are so far and for this reason it is important to choice the right person to guide you during the selection of the right destination and Italian wedding venue keeping always an eye on the budget!

This is the reason why during the wedding planning, we always send update wedding budget to our couples in order to have everything under control and adjust costs according to the final budget.

What happens if you are only two or with few guests for a romantic elopement in Italy? We can arrange exactly what you want as we have wedding planning packages dedicated for that. Just visit the following page: Wedding for-two

Of course we prefer to customize every single package but we offer a good choice of wedding planning packages that will guide you during the right direction. We can share with you some prices but due to the nature of the event that we always personalize according to preferences of the couple, we prefer first meeting our clients and after that, send an estimate of costs. From your side I understand that costs are your priority since a destination wedding has an impact of the family finance. Of course it is part of my job to make all the things clear from the very beginning and a direct contact is the perfect solution. After years of experience planning weddings and events I have tested that a meeting via Skype or WhatsApp is very useful especially for couples to understand many details in terms of destination, budget and steps to do for a wedding in Italy, and not less important, to build a good relationship with who has so important role for this Day.

What are you waiting for? Contact us and ask for an estimate!

Follow our next articles to discover the detailed answers to the most frequent asked questions.

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