Wedding style – Your boho wedding in Italy

Wedding style – Your boho wedding in Italy

If this is the kind of wedding you want, you must read this article.

The bohemian wedding style is absolutely timeless especially for a wedding in Italy, where nature is the undisputed star of our special country. Infact, the main characteristic of a wedding in Italy is the embarrassment of choices on the panorama: mountain, hills, vineyards, sea… Whatever will be your choice, you will be sure that your wedding in Italy will be unforgettable for you and your guests as well.

As italian wedding planners, we have to give you all the tips and suggestions in regard to this unique wedding style and we have to be always update on the new trends. As you probably know, the key for a perfect boho wedding is the attention to details: venue immersed in the nature, accessories that recall a natural atmosphere such for example delicate flower crown on the long with soft waves hair, most elements taken from the mother nature such for example various greenery and baby’s breath.

All is simple but carefully designed to create a romantic and ethereal atmosphere…. Some influences arrived from the hippie culture. Boho style is a feeling, you have to be in totally contact with nature so even the choice of the wedding dress must be in line with this vision.

5 ideas for a perfect Boho Wedding

1. Natural backdrop.

Even if you decide to get married in a city, you can decor the venue using natural elements such a wedding arch of feathers, flowers braiding branches and adding also macrame elements.

2. Create your own organic bouquet.

For your wedding bouquet, choose a not regular shape, flowers are arranged more naturally.


3. Use bud vases.

Also for the table decorations, you have to think simple and naturally. With single vases you can give a special touch to your table setup.

4. Succulent as wedding favors.

The perfect gift for your guest,  beautiful and that recall the simplicity of the earth.

5. Fresh flowers for the wedding cake.

Decorating your wedding cake with fresh wild flowers brings a perfect boho effect.

These are just few basic ideas, we have more and more details to share with you! we invite you to contact us for a personalized boho wedding project.


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