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Wedding venue on the beach - wedding venue in REGION - image
Wedding venue on the beach - wedding venue in REGION - image
Wedding venue on the beach - wedding venue in REGION - image

Wedding venue on the beach

In the beautiful surroundings offered by the marine and coastal landscape and memorable sunsets visible from the Maremma, this seaside resort offers its guests moments of relaxation in absolute refinement and elegance.

The catering service, mainly offers fresh fish, prepared with simplicity and refinement, to be accompanied with a sophisticated selection of wines, offers a beautiful setting among the most popular of our promontory.
Just at sunset the location is transformed to give life to unique events to give way to bring in the hearts of our customers the most striking image that nature can offer. The breathtaking sunset and the smell of the sea accompanied by appetizers / buffet prepared by our staff, offering an unforgettable memory of colors flavors and fragrances
The beautiful location, the professionalism of our staff and allow refinement of our kitchen for years, the realization of perfect and unforgettable events.

The great location offers guests the opportunity to dine on the terrace or set up the reception area directly on the beach to enjoy more the flavors, sounds and sunsets that only the beach offers.

The surrounding area is ready to receive both religious and civil rites rituals, in fact there are beautiful churches located in strategic areas, which give way not to lose the deep blue of this piece of coast, or, for those who want to opt for a civil ceremony , possible ceremonies en plan air, outdoors in a beautiful, open fortress located on the cliff that offers a breathtaking view.


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