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Apulia or Puglia in Italian is a relatively unknown area region of the Southern Italy that is located right in the “heel of the boot” of Italy. Now there is an increasing attention to this charming undiscovered area of Italy. The postcard landmark of the area are round white houses made of limestone with a conical roof, which are called trulli. The roof has such a shape because it serves as a chimney. The famous Trulli of Alberobello have the roofs that are beautifully decorated with symbols such as a heart, a star or a moon. Puglia also known for its gorgeous wide pristine beaches with amazingly bright turquoise sea and white sands. 

A real advantage of getting married in Puglia is that here beautiful warm season starts at the beginning in March with temperatures already reaching stable 20 degrees! And because the beaches are so pristine and not crowded with beach chairs, you can easily organize a symbolic ceremony on the beach surrounded by white sands and iridescent sunsets. A beautiful location to be considered for weddings in Puglia are also the five islands of the Capraia, San Domino, San Nicola, Cretaccio and Pianosa. He five tiny islands that make up the Tremiti archipelago are part of a large nature reserve -the Gargano National Park. These islands offer a gorgeous views, opportunity to enjoy beautiful pristine nature and can make your wedding in Puglia a unique and memorable experience.
Apulia is well connected having two airports in the towns of Bari and Brindisi. Highlights of the area are beautiful towns such as Martina Franca. Salento and Lecce - the 'Florence of the Baroque', and many castles on the south coast of the region. Apulia also has unique ancient Greek settlements site - Magna Grecia, which is an absolute must to see while in Apulia.

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