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The astonishing islands of Sicily and Sardinia on the western Italian coast have a distinct identity: being far from the coast and having a long history of separation from Italy, Sardinia has developed a proper culture and even a proper language. Sicily thanks to the long domination of Arabic cultures and Normans has it's own characteristics, that make unique not only people but also landscapes.

Getting married in Sardinia

Sardinia is a somehow wild and untouched land rich in natural beauty in some ways yet to be discovered. Among the main attractions Porto Pino, Costa Smeralda and the beautiful archipelago of La Maddalena are just the most famous and visited, especially by luxury tourism: this area, in fact, has developed since the sixties in the direction of fashion and style: some of the most beautiful hotels, charming restaurants and gorgeous clubs are located in this area. The rest of Sardinia, instead, still retains it's rural beauty, that makes it a perfect location for a romantic wedding. The variety of landscapes makes this island unique: inland you can go from lunar landscapes to areas rich vegetation and lush green. The coast, marvellous, in a continuous succession of small coves, most of them rocky, with waters going from deep blue to bright azure and green Mediterranean bushes at the back, is the ideal wedding venues for those who love the sea.
Getting married in Sardinia bring your wedding to a whole new level: it's not only a wedding but thanks to the unique aromas and tastes of this gorgeous island it becomes a full sensorial experience that connect to your ancestral roots.

Getting married in Sicily

Sicily, the largest island of Italy, is a land incredibly rich in history, culture and traditions, where you can enjoy the amazing variety of art and architecture, left by various populations over the centuries. Astonishing monuments, churches and cathedrals, ancient temples and palaces are built all over the island. Thus getting married in Sicily means having the choice of an infinite variety of venues and setting: from those natural locations near the sea or in the countryside surrounded by green hills to the old cities rich in culture and history.
Wedding in Sicily can be a travel in time. You will have wonderful venues to choose from and great Italian food, from fish to meat. Trending right now is to get married on the boat or on the beach, and for this reason, Sicily has no equal.
You can choose to get married in the enchanting Taormina, or timeless of Agrigento Valley of the Temples', surrounded by the scent of citrus. Everything about Sicily will make your wedding even more unique. Astonishing landscapes, ancient cities and not to forget all the tasty traditional dishes such as rice balls (arancini rice), the famous cannoli stuffed with ricotta, Sicilian cassata, local wine, and many types of cheeses, fruits and vegetables.

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