Renew of wedding vows in Venice – Edgardo and Ana

Renew of wedding vows in Venice – Edgardo and Ana

Wedding vows in Venice: the renewal of Edgardo and Ana


Wedding vows in Venice: the story


Edgardo and Ana decided to celebrate their anniversary in Venice, just the two of them because Venice it’s always been a special place in their heart. They came in the city of love many and many times and they fell in love with the atmosphere of this incredible town.

We got in touch with them one year ago and they asked us to plan a typical Italian wedding in a suggestive historical palace of the city, and so we did!

They had the chance to celebrate their wedding in one of the most amazing palaces of Venice, decorated with frescos of artists such as Tintoretto and located in an area frequented by Venetians, far from touristic paths. Please check some information at the following link: Ancient palace for symbolic marriage.

As their personal wedding planners, Martina and Cris took care of their ceremony from the very beginning, we helped them  finding the perfect
wedding photographer in Venice to immortalize this special day, the makeup artist and hairdresser for Ana, the wedding venue of their dreams, and Martina, a wedding planner of our team in Venice had the honor of being the master of ceremony and she wrote the wedding ceremony script that was based on their love story.

The planning on the event was running smoothly and few weeks before the big day Edgardo called to share with his wedding planner great news… he was thinking about surprising his wife and he needed our help to make it perfect. He bought a new ring as a symbol of his eternal love with the idea of giving it to Ana during the symbolic wedding.

The love and respect between them were clear since the first time we talked and it was really inspiring for the planning of their wedding and the surprise.

Wedding vows in Venice: wedding Day

The day of the ceremony finally came, it was sunny and warm, perfect weather for a wedding. We met with Edgardo and Ana at the palace early morning and they were very excited and happy to be in Venice for this important day.

As soon as we entered the ballroom of the palace we could feel and see their excitement through their eyes. In the months before the wedding, they saw the palace in pictures but, on the big day, they could see the magnitude of the wedding venue in presence for the first time, they were speechless and short on their breath in front of a masterpiece of the Venetian’s culture.

Ana was getting ready with our makeup artist Lisa in a private room far from his husband, as in tradition the groom can’t see the bride before the ceremony. Our wedding planners were taking care of decors and details such as flowers, music and set up as requested from the couple; Edgardo was trying to relax, he was already worn his suit and he was looking at the garden from a balcony but, suddenly, someone came close to him…


Two of their closest friends from Italy reached the palace because they wanted to be with Edgardo and Ana on this special day. The presence of their friends was unexpected that the bride and groom could barely contain their happiness. Having their friends with them during the renewing of wedding vows made this day even more special and unforgettable.

A couple of hours later the bride was ready, Edgardo was still on the balcony waiting for her and once Ana called him, he turned around and he saw his wife, she was more beautiful than ever that they couldn’t control emotions and they both cried tears of happiness, they hugged and entered in the ballroom hand in hand, Ana was wearing a beautiful and elegant white and shiny lace dress full of pearls and Edgardo a classic black suit.

The symbolic wedding began, the ceremony was intimate and touching, everyone could feel the romance and pure love in the air. During the ceremony they renew their wedding vows and they said love words to each other and all of a sudden Edgardo put his hand in his pocket, he slowly pulled out a box with a wonderful new ring for Ana. The bride was surprised, the moment was intense and full of strong emotions.

A special thanks to the wedding photographer, that is a great artist, and she was able to capture the love in every picture. At the end of the ceremony they danced to the strains of their love song, the one they danced also on their wedding day 45 years ago, they had a toast with their friends sitting around a piano experiencing a typical Venetian white wine called Prosecco. They enjoyed every moment to the fullest at the palace and in the lush garden where they took some amazing pictures.

To get a real Italian wedding, the ceremony it’s as important as the wedding reception, so once they were ready we moved to the restaurant to taste some of the most delicious dishes of Italian and Venetian cuisine. The day ended and the couple was so happy that made us feel proud of our job, as professional wedding planners our aim is to make every detail perfect as much as possible and nothing is more important than the happiness of our couples.

It was an honor to be there to plan for them their ideal wedding in Venice and make their dream come true!
After one year we are still in touch with this lovely couple and I am sure we will see them soon in Venice…. or in Argentina!


photo courtesy Laure Jaquemin