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Wedding weekend in Pantelleria - wedding venue in REGION - image
Wedding weekend in Pantelleria - wedding venue in REGION - image
Wedding weekend in Pantelleria - wedding venue in REGION - image

Wedding weekend in Pantelleria

A Resort dates back to 1700, is located in one of the most beautiful islands of Sicily, in Italy; a wise and lush property maintains the charm of the historic residence, and today is ideal for those who love the sea, the beauty and nature.

A wise and rigorous renovation has retained the charm of the old house, severe, but at the same time able to seduce the guest wrapping it in an intriguing and magical atmosphere. The main building, untouched by time, spread over two floors and comprises four apartments, two others, one of which is wheelchair-accessible, are autonomous and situated within the garden. All apartments are built in the style of Pantelleria dammusi; thick stone walls cleverly cut by hand, vaulted ceilings and domed roofs. At sunset, on the horizon, you can glimpse the outline of the mountains of Tunisia.
The Resort, which has a swimming pool with jacuzzi, turkish bath and large garden, within which you can see in an excavation the remains of an ancient building of Roman-Carthaginian. Owned by the family Errera, this island from the seventeenth century, is perhaps the only historic house remained intact in Pantelleria.
The evocative atmosphere of the rooms and large outdoor spaces, making the Resort the ideal place to organize the most important day of your life.

6 apartments equipped with larger and comfortable facilities, to make your stay a fairy-tale; outside a pool and relaxation areas, characterized from an amazing atmosphere of the Sicilian sea.

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