What is a Symbolic wedding ceremony?

What is a Symbolic wedding ceremony?

In this article we will explain the difference between the typologies of ceremonies.

  • Civil ceremony. This is the official ceremony that make you united into marriage by Law. You have to follow a precise bureaucratic procedure and the ceremony cannot but performed everywhere but only in precise hall designated by the Town Hall. At the following link you can find some more details about the bureaucracy for a wedding in Italy: https://www.packageweddinginitaly.com/civil-ceremony-in-italy/
  • Religious ceremony. This is the ceremony perfect for the couples who want to give a particular religious touch to their wedding. The steps to follow depends on each religion. At the following link you can find some information about the religious wedding in Italy: https://www.packageweddinginitaly.com/religious-ceremony/
  • Symbolic ceremony.This is the kind of ceremony highly requested. Apart being very flexible on typology of venues and planning, you can personalize exactly as you want with special readings and personal vows. Keep reading below to find some important tips you must follow for a perfect symbolic wedding.

Top 5 ideas for a perfect Symbolic Wedding

1. Choice of the venue. There are many wonderful venues to organize your symbolic wedding and in Italy you have the embarrassment of choices from panoramic terraces facing the sea to ancient palaces, intimate chalets on the dolomites and many more venues that we can propose to you according to your preferences and the season.

2. Music. You can decide for live music such a violinist playing your love song or recorded music with your own playlist. Just think to have your favorite song as background of your favorite moments… Your Italian wedding is the most beautiful experience you will keep with you for the rest of your life and you cannot consider the background music for your day!

3. Flowers and decorations. Depending on the location, you can decide to d├ęcor the area with particular flowers and colors or you can just leave the honor to the beautiful nature! There are places, especially in the countryside that offer natural flowered archs and green surroundings so you have not worry about especially if you have with you your wedding planner.

4. Photo and video service. This is absolutely the best way to keep the memory for the rest of your life! Infact you can relive the moments of your marriage just watching to pictures and video, this is a service that you cannot not include! Also, if it is a romantic elopement, photo and video are a good way to make your family and friends participating of your moments! Many of our couples go home to have a large party with the friends and family that have not had a chance to come to Italy, and project the shots on big screens is the only way they have to show their italian wedding destination… The difference is just unbelievable.

5. Symbolic wedding script. We are at your complete disposal to enreach our samples according to your special love story. So we encourage to prepare personal vows or readings and we usually prepare special surprise for our couples just to make your experience absolutely unforgettable.

Symbolic wedding in Venice – The tip of the wedding planner from Venice

If you are interested in the symbolic ceremony, my suggestion is to look first to the destination and Venice is certainly a city that you remember for the rest of your life.

If you have never been before, you will be really surprise about the beauty and unicity of the city. Completely build on the water, you can enjoy Venice simply walking and looking around you.

You can imagine that there are endless possibilities for a symbolic ceremony: ancient palaces, hidden gardens, secret outdoors corners and also the Gondola!

Are you thinking this is the best frame for a marriage in Venice? Yes, you are totally right! Imagine the silence of the inner canals, the lavish ancient palaces, the quiet and magical atmosphere that only from a gondola you can enjoy, make the event absolutely perfect.

The gondola is the typical row boat that perfectly suits the conditions of the venetian lagoon. For years the gondola has been used as main mean of transportation for any kind of activities. Nowadays, the gondola is used in different situations such public transport from a pier to the opposite pier (and avoid the long walking crossing bridges), on the “regatta”, the famous competition in Venice where trained people races on board of the gondola or other similar row boats, or also in the tourism field for private tour around the city.

This is the reason why I have often organized any kind of event with the gondola, from simple transfer for the bride from accommodation to Church, marriage’s proposal and of course symbolic ceremonies such this one:
Wedding Renewal in Venice.

For a perfect symbolic wedding in Venice on board of a gondola, you can use our 5 ideas to make your event absolutely perfect!

Starting from the itinerary, we have a strong knowledge to personalize the itinerary considering to be far from the crowd of the touristic part of the city and make the tour absolutely intimate and romantic.

Music will be a special background during the tour across the canals; for the decorations, you can decide toput a big bunch of flowers behind the main chair, long garlands on the sides of the gondola, a flowered pillow for your rings. Being an expert on Italy wedding planning, I am happy to give you suggestions on the style, colors and seasonal flowers following the current wedding trends!

We will find the perfect Master of Ceremony starred as gondolier, Doge of Venice, Priest or Official. Lastly, We have the best Venice wedding photographer, just ask for a selection. We will provide the best wedding photographer according to your style.

What’ else? Just contact us and you will have a your disposal the most expert wedding planners to make your

symbolic wedding in Italy absolutely perfect!

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