Winter wedding in Venice – Claire and Jeffrey

Winter wedding in Venice – Claire and Jeffrey

Wedding in Venice in wintertime, a choice that you will never regret!


The story of Claire and Jeffrey and their winter wedding in Venice



Wedding Venue: Palazzo Cavalli

Wedding photographer: Tramontina Studio

Florist: Pretty Flowers

Hair and makeup: Trucco sposa Venezia

Wedding planner and writer of the article: Martina

When people think about a wedding in Italy they usually think about summer, beach, sun, gardens, boats etc. but in the last few years there are more and more couples interested in an original winter wedding; in Italy this is possible in some of the most amazing wedding destination such as Florence, Rome, Dolomites or…Venice!

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The beginning of the planning of the winter wedding in Venice


I had the honor to meet and be the Venetian wedding planner of Claire and Jeff and I’m happy to tell you more about their winter wedding in Venice.

At the beginning of the wedding planning journey, I talked with Claire and we started with her dream and wish of getting married in Venice with Jeff, the love of her life.
She lives in Uk, but Jeff lives in Oman so the planning of the winter wedding in Venice have been fun and, even if there were a few obstacles on the way, we faced them all thanks to my professional assistance and their determination to make real their day.

They chose Venice as their destination winter wedding because Venice has always had an important role in their love story, so there was not a better place to celebrate a romantic winter wedding.
It took more or less 2 years of work side by side, wedding planners and couple, in order to make their dream come true, but we made it and Claire and Jeff couldn’t be happier of their Big Day.


Panic moments during the planning of the winter wedding in Venice


After so much work and so much time we were all very happy that the wedding day in Venice were right behind the corner, but the week before the wedding, once the couple sent me the documents necessary for the civil ceremony in Ital,y I found out that the agency in Uk made some mistakes and provides them the wrong documentations.

The couple were in panic because they were afraid of not being able to get married in Italy, but as a professional wedding planning agency we made it possible and we fixed all those problems directly at the Italian Court.

I know that sometimes people don’t take our job seriously, not even my family at the beginning, because they think that everyone can plan a perfect wedding day, but I can assure you, from my experience, that an inconvenience can appear in any moment, even when you are not rational or you are not able to make it straight;  for this reason I suggest to get the assistance of a wedding planner based in Italy that can take care of all the details and problems.


The Big Day of the winter wedding in Venice


January 20th 2020.  The wedding day finally arrived (thinking about it makes me feel emotional about it because this was the last wedding before the Covid-19 emergency and our first wedding of the year).

We met early in the morning at their hotel, our trusted wedding makeup artist and hairdresser worked her magic and Claire became even more beautiful than usual.


Once the bride was ready, Jeff had the chance to see her, because they decided to arrive at the Town Hall together hand in hand with their son and not separately as usual.They live most of the year in two different countries so I found their choice of enter at the wedding hall in Venice together very romantic….

The bride wore a beautiful winter wedding dress, glittery, shiny and elegant and a gorgeous white eco-fur while the groom and their son wore the same elegant and original suit.

I couldn’t stop thinking about how cute and happy they look…..

Finally, they traveled along the Grand Canal in Venice on their private water taxi and once they arrived at the Town Hall in Venice the ceremony started, they were all very excited, even if the happier one was their lovely son.


The intimate civil ceremony was romantic and at the end if it the wedding officiant announced them as husband and wife. After 2 years of wedding planning and a life together they had their wedding Day in Venice as they always dreamt about…


We bounded immediately from the first email and I am truly glad because I had the chance to be witness of their big love and Big day as their Italian wedding planner and friend!

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